The Impossible Trinity

The impossible trinity, otherwise known as the impossible trilemma or the Unholy Trinity, is a concept in macroeconomics that states it is impossible for a country to have all three of the following at the same time: a fixed foreign exchange rate, free capital movement, and an independent monetary policy.

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Crypto: A New Asset Class

In the early days of bitcoin, the industry made a grave mistake; they bundled all the projects together and dubbed them "cryptocurrencies". The term cryptocurrency has hindered the space more than any event, hack or uninformed opinion out of Wall Street. It assumes that everything in crypto is attempting to become a global currency; this couldn't be further from the truth.

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Ethereum for Business

This weekend we explore real use cases of the emerging decentralised finance world. In the same way our current financial system possesses core financial primitives such as the ability to pay, exchange, lend, borrow, and hedge, so does the decentralised world.

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General Market Update

2021 has been a rewarding year for anyone participating in crypto markets with bitcoin up 20,40% and Ethereum up 246%. Whilst the two most well-known crypto networks have done well, the best performance can be found in the broader crypto landscape.

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