WHAT IS Stackr ?

Stackr is a global long-term savings solution through which a personalized trust structure allows investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets. The intersection of traditional finance and modern-day financial technology has enabled Stackr to pioneer this innovative, secure and flexible savings solution.

Stackr gives people what they need, the flexibility and security to live their lives on their terms now at the same time enabling them to save for the future – whatever it may hold.

Saving has long been the cornerstone of wealth generation. As technology evolves, it is apparent that savings solutions need to move forward in a similar manner. Stackr promises exactly this by removing traditional frictions that adversely impact savings solutions, while pioneering machine learning driven investment options within a secure trust structure. Stackr is the first of its kind and at the forefront of intelligent investing.


Stackr is a new type of long-term savings solution with specific benefits and features that traditional solutions just don’t offer making it the perfect choice for the 21st century saver. Stackr uses technology to enable and empower savings anywhere in the world. The Stackr Trust Account provides investors with a personal international trust account, something previously only accessible to ultra-high net worth individuals. Uniquely, the Stackr Trust Account allows users to hold a range of investment solutions that use the latest technology available, which is truly a global first.

USING Stackr

WHY Stackr



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